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Happy baby....

Carol, a very young great-grandma, sent along this picture of baby Lilia on her baby quilts.  Yes, that’s plural.  There are two identical quilts here.

These quilts were a multi-generational effort between the great, grand, mother and extended family and friends.  They made the blocks at a baby shower where guests were invited to select fabrics and appliqué the birds to various scrappy backgrounds.

By the time they were done, they had enough blocks to make two baby quilts!

What a brilliant idea—one quilt for home and another one for the road. 

In fact I have a friend who made identical baby quilts for each of her kids because she knew it would be easier to wash them—a little trick she discovered after her oldest awoke from a nap early one afternoon and discovered that her prized blankie had been taken from her while she was sleeping.  There’s nothing more heartbreaking than watching your toddler stand next to the dryer sobbing while their quilt is drying—so my enterprising friend decided to stage a mommy switcheroo.  She made a duplicate quilt.  This way her little one had one quilt she could hang onto while she washed the other.   

Two quilts = one happy baby and one less stressed out mom.  As I say, brilliant!

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