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quiltologists @work...

I love it when students send me photos of their second quilt projects.  

In the spirit of the season—I thought I’d share. 

They say that solids are the underdogs of the fabric world—but they really make a statement when contrasted well. 

Allison (left) did just that by using a nice mix of muted pastels to recreate the “Thea’s Puzzle Quilt” from Amy Butler’s web site.   This quilt says, "curl up and read!"  

It might be a little too chilly for picnics right now, but doesn’t Jane’s quilt make you want to open a bottle of wine and nibble on cheese and crackers? 


Jane used lots of fat quarters to recreate the Blue Underground Studios’ In & Out pattern.  Just goes to show you—buy what you like—and use what you buy! 

Keep all those emails and pictures coming…!

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