...custom memory quilts

We’ve made custom memory quilts from a variety of clothes including t-shirts, men’s cotton dress shirts, silk ties, grandma’s aprons, baby clothes and charm squares.

The price of these memory quilts depends upon the scope of the project—that’s the size of the quilt, any additional materials needed and the amount of sewing involved.

We’re happy to meet with you to discuss your special project.  Please email us with a brief description of the project you have in mind (info@quiltology.com) and we’ll set up an appointment to meet with you.

Typically it takes 8 to 12 weeks for these special projects so please be patient!

Here are some examples of the projects we’ve made… 

Daddy’s shirts!

40" x 50"

This baby quilt was made from the new dad's cotton broadcloth dress shirts.

The zigzag pattern works really well for stripes.

We color blocked the shirts to create an even bolder graphic statement. 

And then we decided not to add a border so that it would read more modern in it's sensibility.

This pattern could easily be adjusted for any size bed quilt.

Men's dress shirts

60" x 80" (twin size or large throw)

Katie brought in her husband's dress shirts so we could make a quilt for their toddler's first big boy bed.

We used our own City Blocks pattern to piece the patchwork.

And since this quilt seemed to call out for a border, we used the left over strips to construct the piano keys border.  

Again, this is a pattern that can easily be adjusted for different sized quilts!

The 100 Good Wishes quilt is a traditional Chinese baby quilt pattern that’s made to welcome and celebrate a new life into the world. 

Friends and family are invited to contribute patches of cloth as a wish for the health and happiness for the new baby.  The quilt is then passed down from generation to generation.

Here in America we often refer to quilts made from different scraps of fabric as a charm quilt.

Traditionally a charm quilt contains unique squares—meaning no two fabrics are ever repeated—but practically that’s not always possible. 

Baby Shower quilt project

Caroline’s baby quilt is a combination of fabrics her mother’s friends brought to the baby shower. 

Since none of them knew how to quilt, they used their time at the shower to cut the fabrics into blocks and then laid them out. 

We sewed the patchwork top together and finished the quilt.

The baby room's colors were pink with splashes of black and white so we used the polka dots as sashing and cornerstones between the pink squares to create some added visual interest. 

Tie the Knot

Tie the Knot is a wedding quilt made for a modern bride from her father’s silk ties. 

Working with silk requires extra care and time so these projects need to be planned well in advance of the big day.

The ties are sewed down to a muslin foundation in order to avoid distortion from the stretchy fabric.

Here we used linen fabric as the background setting fabric because it works so well with the ties and lends a gravitas to the quilt. 

This quilt was sized to hang horizontally on the wall as a headboard behind the new couple’s bed.


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