I used to have a retail shop but sadly that's closed now.  The internet changed everything and it's simply too hard to compete with the Amazon's and Ebay's of this world, so we turn the page and start a new chapter.

I've left some of the archive blog posts up just to give you a feel for what we did back in the day.  I find that other people's stories and projects often inspire the rest of us to get on with it and make something amazing.

Quiltology now lives on as a custom design studio where I design and sew memory quilts made from clothes and sentimental fabrics.  I've worked with t-shirts, men's suiting fabrics, silk ties, grandma's aprons and baby clothes utilizing a variety of techniques and designs to stablize and showcase different types of fabrics.

Some of my quilts are hanging at the Andersonville Galleria in Chicago so you're welcome to drop by there and see them in person!  Unfortunately the web does not do justice to the stitching detail and color so apologize in advance for some of the photos on this site.

Please email me if you're interested in a custom project.  I'm happy to see what you've got to work and discuss some ideas with you.  I live in downtown Chicago and work in Evanston so I'm pretty much available to meet any where on the northside or north shore.

Thanks for checking in.



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