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...show and tell

Recently I opened my email to find a message from quiltologist Peg Tomaszek Witry. The subject line read…”Finally finished the quilt from a class two years ago.”  

I love to see photos of completed projects and this one didn’t disappoint, so I thought I’d share.

Peg started the top in a class taught by Amy Walsh of the Blue Underground Studios using Amy’s signature “In & Out” pattern.  She machine pieced the top adding in sashing with cornerstones and borders.  Then she proceeded to hand quilt the entire piece—thus the two year time frame!

This quilt is a full size bed quilt--excellent for use on one of those old vintage double beds or you could use it as a large throw to curl up with on the sofa.  It was appraised at $1,350. 

But here's the best part—Peg generously donated it to an auction for a homeless shelter where it sold quickly.  Way to go Peg!

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