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...meet Holly Harper @ the Renegade Fair!

Some of you may remember our fellow quiltologist Holly—she taught some classes at the shop a few years ago.  These days she’s busy creating original and unique bags and purses, which she sells online in her etsy shop at threadandneedle.etsy.com.   

I especially love the handmade coffee cuff—just how cute is this?  Talk about environmentally friendly!  I'm thinking great holiday gift for my coffee loving friends.   

Holly learned to sew in college and made her first quilt by hand on the subways of New York. She was instantly hooked on quilting and fell in love with joining small pieces of fabric together with a thread and needle. One of the reasons she started sewing accessories was that she never wanted to carry the same purse as everyone else or have the same mass produced "stuff" that everyone else purchased at a big box store.  

Meet Holly this weekend (9/12 & 13) at the Renegade Craft Fair and check out her work in booth #151.  (and save a few of those coffee cuffs for me!)

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