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Meet Sally--our long arm quilter!

Say hello to Sally!


I know some of you have met her—but many of you only know her by name. Sally (in the middle) is the lady who does the long arm quilting for the shop. Here she’s pictured with her daughter Jen and new son-in-law.


And just what is it that they’re all holding up? What to you think? If you guessed quilt, you’re right. This is Jen’s wedding quilt—a California king—stitched with love by mom—and delivered on time. Now, that’s what I call impressive. I usually have to exercise my one year grace period on these projects.


Sally calls this the traveling quilt because it’s had quite a journey. She started it here in Chicago—conceptualizing, shopping for fabrics and cutting the strips. Then she escaped to a friend’s cabin in Wisconsin for a week of uninterrupted block piecing time. Back home she long arm quilted this beauty herself, and then finished the binding during the family’s annual ski trip to Michigan in February.


And now this quilt is living with the happy new couple in Maui! And yes, they do use quilts in Hawaii. The days may be glorious, but chill does creep in at night.



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