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Piece and quiet...

I’ve been sewing a lot lately…not just talking about it…but actually doing it.  I’m not alone.  Both Susan and Heather are working on sample quilts for the shop.  The dog days of summer brings out the hermit in me.  I like warm weather—but stormy humid warm weather?  That’s just the opposite of bitter cold snowy weather.  Either way, it’s time to hunker down inside, make some progress on all the projects I have in the works and just sew quietly.  Oh the Zen of it all! 

What are we all working on? 

You might say all the new fabrics have inspired each of us. 

Last weekend’s hurricane coverage captured my attention.  So with one eye on CNN and the other on my machine, I thought I’d knock out something easy because distraction and precision piecing just don’t go well together.  Neither does sipping wine and piecing complex patchwork.  Don’t drink and sew my friends—and if you do—keep the sewing simple!  Since seam allowances don’t matter with the Urban Amish, I figured this was the perfect Irene/Pinot Grigio project.  I made a new shop sample using Kitty Yoshida’s Prospect Park fabrics in the very sophisticated grey, pistachio and orchid color way.   

Heather is taking on the new holiday quilt store sample project this year and plans to blog about it soon—so stay tuned.  She’s using lots of the fun new xmas fabrics in the Blue Underground Studios’ In & Out pattern.  The “out” block will make for some fancy fussy cutting!  

And then there are the batiks…sumptuous, color saturated and totally captivating!  We’ve been restocking these beauties all summer and have built up a respectable collection.  Of course, there’s more to come.  In the meantime, both Susan and I have tackled two new shop sample projects using two of the newer Blue Underground patterns.

Susan’s Eclipse is a study in earth tones.  Her color palette includes light, medium and dark batiks in beige, tans, browns and a variety of greens.  This quilt definitely evokes fall and will probably earn the coveted back wall space for display. 

My batik project is the new Gemini pattern using hot color with high contrast blues and oranges. 

The blocks are done and I’ve tried laying them out.  But honestly, it’s not working.  I’m afraid I may have too much contrast here so the plan is to add some nuance with red, purple, brown and rust tones. But before I add in the new colors, I have to take my blocks apart—tedious yes—but sadly necessary.  Since I’m dog sitting this weekend for my sister’s pooch, I’m planning to stick close to home and spend some quality time with the puppy and my seam ripper!  

Friends—FYI, seam ripping and wine sipping do go together nicely! 

Have a great weekend and see you soon.

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