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A good day to stay home and sew...

Today the weather service is predicting a big winter snowstorm.  We’ve been lucky so far this winter, just a few sprinkles here and there so I guess we’re overdue.  It looks like it might be a good time to stay inside, sip something warm and update the blog. 

Fall Foliage is our newest Lincoln Park Patchwork quilt featuring a collage of earth toned fabrics from some of our favorite designers.  This one was a real color play.  Inspired by Martha Negley’s Autumn Medley citrus maple print, I added in the burst (sage green) and brown twigs for an organic feel.

I have to admit—I’m a fall girl.  I just love sweater weather.  The cool crisp weather makes me feel downright frisky.  But the thing I love most about that time of year is the glorious color!  Those couple of weeks where the trees take on a surreal golden—and then fiery glow—I’m in my element.

Itching for some color work, I opened up the maple print on the cutting table and started pulling lots of bolts from around the shop to see what worked well with it.  Not surprising some of Kaffe Fassett’s bold high contrast prints added the perfect colorful compliment —and then for a little spice—a dash of Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt, Patricia Bravo and Jay McCarroll.

There's nothing like the thrill of opening up a new bolt of fabric and taking in the WOW of a large scale print.  I’ve spent lots of time wondering what to do with these kinds of prints.  Sometimes it seems like a shame to cut them up.  But once I do, I get another kind of high—the patchwork high—induced by splashes of wonderful color poking out in the most unexpected places.  I suppose cutting up fabric is a leap of faith.  You just have to dive in and go for it.  Scrappy patchwork has a magic to it—we just have to let it happen.

stay warm!


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