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A little bit of quilters magic...

dormitory.jpgOkay, I know it doesn’t look like much—this old barn located in the middle of nowhere—but trust me—it’s a magical place. You believe in magic, don’t you? I know I do—I believe in the making of magic—and this is the place to do it.

Far away on an island in Door County, floating between Green Bay and Lake Michigan, is a magical place called Sievers—a school for fiber artists of all ilk—quilters, weavers, knitters, Lighths.jpgjewelry and basket makers. Pick your medium or sample the lot—this is the place to take classes, exchange ideas, meet kindred spirits and practice your magic!

How does a week of uninterrupted quilting bliss sound to you? Magical—right? Then you must go—this year, next, five years from now. Check it out, save a week’s vacation, recruit a friend—and go!

And when you are lucky enough to go—follow these directions carefully—leave the bathing suit and sunscreen at home—you won’t need them—you’re going to be inside sewing all day, remember? Instead, load up your stash—yes all of it, you don’t want to wish you had brought that crazy batik or whacky neon paisley when the creative muse comes knocking at your door—sewing machine, shorts, tees, flip flops and sweatshirt for the cool nights. Now, gas up the car and head north—drive through the flat lands and past the dairy cows—pass up the saloons, fish boils, t-shirt shops and ice cream parlors—you don’t need that stuff—keep your eyes on the prize—a week’s worth of time making magic!

Take Highway 42 through all the way to the tip of the “lower Door” and you’ll reach Northport Pier where you’ll pick up the car ferry to Washington Island—and in no time you’ll be there!

Alright, I hear you saying, cut to the chase—enough with the flowery prose about this magical place—after all, this is about as interesting as reading the latest on Britney’s custody hearings—you want to see quilts! I get it.

MarianneFansQuilt.jpgSievers was the place where I really fell in love with quilting, met my first quilting friends and made some of my favorite quilts.

In Marianne Fons’ Fancy Fans class (circa 1995) I made my first real quilt—here’s Marianne’s inspiration quilt—beautiful 1930s fabrics in colorful fan blocks set on point and bordered with scalloped piano keys! Folks—that fabulous border is no easy task—this is precision my friends. Would you expect anything less from Marianne?


BeijingFans.JPGAnd now—here’s my version—Beijing Fans.

Same block—but set in spiral pattern just like a dragon's tail!

I’m always amazed at how different the same block can look in various fabrics, colors and settings.  And this proves it.

I wonder...could it be magic?


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