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I just love it when I get pictures of projects inspired by my quilts! 

A few weeks back Liz was in town visiting her daughter and dropped by to share an amazing story with me.  After her sister passed away she wanted to make each of her four nieces a quilt from their mom’s clothes. 

“I had agonized over what to do for a full year, until seeing your quilt at the shop. Even so, I still didn’t have had any idea how to go about it, but then I discovered your blog with a picture of the quilt, along with a wonderful explanation of the entire process.  THANK you!!...Liz” 

Last fall Liz saw the quilt I made for my sister out of our dad’s ties, and she must have been inspired because she returned home to sew up a storm for Christmas making the 4 quilts in just 2 months!  How's that for a dedicated quilter and a really special aunt? 

Liz said that when the girls opened their quilts, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  Oh my, this gives me the goosies.

Thanks for sharing…

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