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Urban Amish remix...mistake or success?

Sometimes we learn more from our mistakes than our successes.  And sometimes we can turn one of those mistakes into a big success.  That’s what Alice did with her recent attempt at the Urban Amish quilt pattern.  

Here’s the back story…Alice took the Intro to Patchwork class a few months ago and made a fun little boogie woogie quilt for the baby she’s expecting this winter.  Bitten by the quilting bug, she decided to try her hand at the Urban Amish quilt.  One bad cutting mistake later…and her pieces didn’t line up correctly for the original pattern. 

But that didn’t stop Alice!  No way.  In fact that simple little mistake led to another and then yet another.  And guess what?  A whole new design strategy emerged.  

Of course cutting rules are important to achieve the original design pattern.  So if that’s important to you, fix it.  Start over and recut.  Or you can think about using your “mistake” as a jumping off point for a whole new design direction and have some fun with it.  Afterall, spontaneity and improvisation may make things much more interesting! 

Katherine Hepburn once said, “If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.”  

Alice’s quilt is definitely lots of fun!

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