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washing the quilt....

We get lots of questions, but the number one question is usually— 

How do I wash my quilt? 

First, let me say there is a world of difference between vintage heirloom quilts and the quilts we’re making today.  If you have an old quilt that your great grandmother hand-pieced and hand-quilted—please ignore these instructions.  Cleaning that quilt will depend largely on the type of fabrics used and the condition of the piece.  If it’s fragile, you might want to consult a local dry cleaner or experienced quilter—someone who can evaluate it and give you specific guidance.

But for those of us who make quilts to be used—basic machine washing is the way to go.  What you need to know is that heat is the enemy of fabric.  Nothing fades and shrinks cotton fabrics faster than hot water and hot dyers!  So I use a gentle detergent or quilt soap in cold to warm water in the machine.  Then I toss the quilt into the dryer on a delicate cycle and dry the quilt about half way.  After that I pull it out and hang it to air dry the rest of the way. 

I’ve gifted quilts to people who washed them to death—and yes they have faded—but in the end I know that they’ve been well loved and used.  And no, I don’t mind if the cats sleep on them.  There’s nothing in this world that my little Miss Molly loves more than a nice warm quilt to curl up in.  And since she’s a member of the household too, she’s welcome to it!

My niece Tara just completed her Urban Amish throw and reports that Nancho is quite pleased with the result too!



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