V = VERY impressive!

Are you ready for an OMG moment?  Check this out….


...the front of the quilt...


Quiltologist Paul Davis has executed another feat of fabric engineering genius! 


This two sided t-shirt quilt was made for his niece—a freshman at Vanderbilt—thus the giant V emblazoned on the back.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  While the rest of us would have appliquéd the V, Paul challenged himself to piece the V into the backing.  That’s right folks—we’re talking curved AND INSET piecing in the shape of the logo.   Very few quilters are brave enough to try this let alone pull it off.

 ...the back...

Of course this quilt has generated lots of buzz with students in the dorm asking where they can get something like this.  And the answer is simple—they can’t.  This quilt is one of a kind—a true labor of love—and a treasure to last a lifetime.


What’s next Paul?

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crazy good....!

Have you ever seen a quilt that so captured you that you just had to make it? 

That’s how Cathy felt when she saw the cover quilt pictured on Kaffe Fassett’s original patchwork design book “Glorious Patchwork.”  I know the feeling.  I remember buying the book back in 1997 when it was first released.  I thought—someday I’m going to make that quilt.  Of course, I didn’t—but Cathy did!


What goes into a project like this?  Well, lots and lots of fabric—time—patience and the desire to make something crazy special.  Cathy’s been working on her piece for nearly five years.  At first she hand pieced each of the teeny tiny blocks—a slow and laborious process if there ever was one.  Then she got a machine—and the project picked up some speed.  

This is improvisational quilting as it’s finest.  Cathy’s use of thoughtful color play, coupled with whacky piecing that’s squared up just right gives this quilt a strong graphic design that’s well balanced and visually interesting.  Amazing eye candy!


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2000 pieces...oh my!

More eye candy for you...this amazing Indian Orange Peal has over 2000 pieces of fabric!

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Posh redefined...

We've seen lots of baby Posh Tots--but two quiltologists used the pattern to create dynamic modern interpretations as adult sized throw quilts.

Raelene made this quilt for friends relocating to Hong Kong. She played up the drama by contrasting the rich red batik square geometry against a solid black background. The quilt is enhanced with red thread in a the water meandering quilting pattern. 

Mario reached for the batiks too when he designed his grown up version of the Posh for his partner.

Although this piece lives on the wall and we don't see the back, trust me, it's all pieced in Mario's signature style.  Why use one fabric when you can create another fabulous look on the reverse side? 

Posh Tot patterns are available in the shop or online for $9.50 and include yardage and directions for baby and throw sizes.

Create some wonderful on the fly!

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....eye candy!

okay, I wish I could say I was back in the blogging saddle--but the sad reality is that I'm still catching up on life in general after spending a week buried by filing taxes! 

I was at the shop until the wee hours this morning shelving a new shipment of fabric that arrived--so there's lots of good stuff for the weekend.  

I'll get back into a posting mode again next week--but in the meantime--here's some nice eye candy to enjoy compliments of master quilter Ron Benard. Another WOW of a quilt.  FYI--your eyes do not decieve you--yes, that's both applique AND paper-piecing!) 

cu soon,

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