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There’s a really cool event happening this weekend in Glasgow Scotland—the Hampton Quilt Challenge’s “Stitching the Pitch.” 

Here’s the plan—weather permitting—on Saturday June 8th hundreds of volunteers (including me) will lay over 5,000 quilts on Glasgow’s national football stadium field.  How cool is this!

This event was inspired by the ‘Yes we can – together’ project, spearheaded by Scottish quilter Ann Hill and supported by NHS Dumfries & Galloway, the Scottish Football Museum and Alzheimer Scotland.

The quilts themselves are being sold online with proceeds going to the Alzheimer Association.

Want to buy a quilt—or make a contribution?

View quilts online at the Hampton quilt gallery—suggested prices are $30 (lap) $60 (single) and $120 (double.)  

I hope to post some cool pictures next week after I return. 

Stay tuned!

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